Food & Fun

Art & Food Tour

“When in Rome do as the Romans do”. Follow us and “taste” your way around discovering the art and culture of this incredible city, its food and typical products. Our Art and Food Tour is the best way to discover Rome and its varied gastronomy. Walking through the city, I will show you the best of Rome: amazing plazas, famous fountains, hidden streets, marvellous views… I will share with you stories and legends of Rome, but also the best views for your memorable pictures. All this while we would be sipping a good espresso, enjoying local food, tasting a good wine, or talking about the difference between gelato and Ice cream! 

Why just walking through the city when you can really “taste” the city!!! Ready for a full immersion experience? 


Food Tours 

If you are a Foodie or you have a real passion for Italian cuisine you are in the right place!! 

During my tours I simply love strolling through local markets, where I can show my customers the amazing variety of typical products, describe how I cook them, what are my favourite recipes.. The market is also the place to be to enjoy the animated temperament of local vendors! Here we will taste some specialties before proceeding to the neighbourhood area and make some stops at local restaurants, cocktail bars, and foodie gems.

We will indulge in a series of Italian specialties like pasta amatriciana, pizza, supplì, gelato, caffè con panna, cheese, cold meats, tempting desserts and of course wine! 

Feeling hungry? Well just follow me!! 



Cooking Class with Ale & Sab 

A hands on cooking class is the best way to feel like a real Italian! If you really want to enjoy a true local experience you have to cook and eat in a Roman house! Come and enjoy an amazing experience at our place where you will learn how to prepare an authentic Italian meal. Together we will make pasta from the scratch, local appetizers, Italian desserts and much more. During the class we will treat you with typical products and local wine. Cooking is a pleasure and in good company is a real party time!!! Well It’s time to eat now. 

Please take a seat and let’s enjoy our delicious meal we prepared together! Buon Appetito!!!!


Cooking Experience at your place with Ale & Sab

If you are staying in a private apartment and you want to enjoy a fun and exclusive cooking experience this is the best treat for you and your travel companions! 

We will come at your place and together we will prepare typical dishes of the Roman and Italian cuisine including pasta with a sauce, a main course with vegetables and dessert. During the preparation you will learn all the secrets of roman recipes or simply you can enjoy watching us preparing a delicious meal. We will treat you with a good local wine accompanied by Italian appetizers. When the meal is ready we will all sit together and enjoy our dinner. 

A cheering up and a toast to your unforgettable Italian Cooking Experience!!!


Extra info 

We will be at your disposal for totally customized Food tours an Cooking classes in case of special needs (walking problems, allergies, food requests, etc.) or specific requests. 

Contact us for your unique experience in Rome!