Art and Food in Rome | Where to stay in Rome
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Where to stay in Rome

A selection of hotels created by us for you to help you booking the best place for your stay in Rome. Going online you will suddenly overwhelmed by the number of hotels and offers.


Selecting areas, range of the hotels and rates you can easily find the best solution for your Rome vacation. The description of each hotel was taken from official websites to be as reliable as possible. Beside the comfort you can also pick the area you think can be more adapt for your Rome experience.


An apartment is a good option if you travel with friends or family or you want to enjoy some relax in a real home.




Hotel Barocco
Attention to detail, cleanliness, and central location make this hotel a good place to stay in Rome

Hotel Lancelot
A three-star Hotel at a short stroll from the Colosseum and Roman Forum, clean and comfortable.

Hotel Forum
Situated near the Colosseum and Monti District a nice location to enjoy some of the most beautiful areas of Rome

Hotel 47
Situated near the main archaeological area the hotel offers a breath-taking view of the Temple of Vesta from its panoramic terrace where it is possible to enjoy a nice meal in a very relaxing atmosphere

Hotel Lunetta
Situated in the old heart of Rome (near Campo dei Fiori) the hotel combines comfort and relax that you can enjoy on its private spa

Hotel Mozart
In the heart of Rome’s historical and commercial centre, the hotel distance is located on a side street walking distance to the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and other major attractions of Rome

Hotel Ponte Sisto
Hotel Ponte Sisto is the choice for those who want to experience an unforgettable and romantic vacation in the heart of the Eternal City.

Hotel Cesari
Among one of the oldest hotel in all of Rome, the hotel is located just a few meters from the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and the downtown area. The Terrazza del Cesari, is one of the most famous rooftop bars in Rome.

Residenza di Ripetta
This oasis of peace and tranquility is nestled in one of the capital’s most famous former convents, a stunning 17th-century structure that embraces a verdant inner courtyard near Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps)




Recently Renovated the hotel is located in the center of Rome near shops, museums and attractions. A very comfortable place with all kind of comforts including a wellness spa, fitness center, outdoor rooftop pool and indoor pool.
Jk Place
This property has one of the best-rated locations in Rome and couples Couples particularly like it for the central location to the main attraction, the design of its comfortable bedrooms and the quality of onsite restaurant

The Hall
Recently opened the hotel is located in a beautiful historic of the city centre building and owns a Michelin rated restaurant.
Luxus Hotel
The recently refurbished hotel is an elegant balance of ancient tradition and modern design. Spacious modern rooms, a fitness area and spa with sauna and turkish bath. Roma Luxus Hotel also includes two Michelin rated restaurants.





centrally located between Piazza Venezia and the Colosseum, it’s a very nice district of Rome with a village atmosphere where you can find many restaurants and bars loved by locals and visitors. For a real roman experience.

Maybe still the most picturesque medieval area of Rome located on the west bank of the Tiber. Really popular among locals and tourists the district is slowly losing its Italian touch but it is still considered one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Rome for its charming atmosphere, local restaurants and nice little shops.
Downtown area (walking distance to Spanish Steps, Barberini square, Trevi Fountain and Pantheon)

Probably the most accessible area of Rome walking distance to main attractions and major sites. Rome downtown area offers a great variety of restaurants, shops, bars for all ages and budgets. It might be a little bit noisy especially if too close to Trevi Fountain.
Campo dei Fiori and the Jewish Ghetto

A lovely district of Rome which also includes Navona square where to stroll and get “lost” through tiny alleyways, lovely squares, local life and a huge selection of food places….. Feel local!

Rome Outskirts

We warmly recommend a vacation  in the roman outskirts for a real local experience.  If you already travelled to Rome or you want to merge into the local life and the beautiful natural surroundings of Rome here is our suggestion for a different vacation…


Ambrosia Castelli Romani Experience

These lovely apartments situated in Castel Gandolfo few minutes away to Pope Summer residence represent a great way to taste some of the local life but still enjoy the beauty of Rome which you can reach on a 40 minutes train ride or on a private transfer.

Living in the outskirts it will be like enjoying 2 different vacations in 1: visit like a  tourist experiencing like a local! Food Tours, Cooking classes, daily excursions and Rome tours will be planned for your Castelli Romani Experience.

Contact us for your customized vacation!!