Art and Food in Rome | Where to Eat in Rome
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Where to Eat in Rome

Eating in Rome is not a problem. Restaurants, café, snacks area, street food stores…… name it and you find it!


Eating good in Rome: that’s different! As official tour guides of Rome we keep updated our Favorite Restaurant List at all the time to test and suggest the best of food and wine in town.


Rome restaurants are still based on “Italian Food” but of course you also can find a large selection of Japanese, Chinese, Asian, Mexican, African and American food…… make your choice and Buon Appetito!!!




I Clementini

Just across San Clemente’s Basilica (a must see church od Rome archaeological district) this restaurant serves traditional food with great attention to the quality of the ingredients. Ask for the dehor when you book your table.


Li Rioni Pizza, pasta and vegetarian-friendly a great option after a tour to the Colosseum
Il Bocconcino based on a “Farm to table” philosophy the restaurant serves dishes “slow food” following granny’s ancient recipes. A great food experience!


Enoteca Divin Ostilia
A very small wine bar wine bar with a wide selection of wines (more than 300 labels) to enjoy with a salad, piadinas, bruschettas, cheese tastings (including Mondragone mozzarella) and special cured meats. Open until late.


RIONE MONTI (between Colosseum and Piazza Venezia)


Al Tettarello Home style restaurant, local cuisine, great pizza!


Hosteria la Vacca ‘mbriaca a funny name (the drunk cow) for a typical roman restaurant with tables outside


I Monticiani a marriage between Rome (traditional dishes) and Argentina (steak and tortillas) to experience a different way to eat local.


Trattoria Monti high range family restaurant with a menu based on local cuisine and Marche region dishes combining the best of both regions (Reservation required).




Bella Carne probably one of the best restaurants in one of the most authentic districts of Rome. All handmade from pasta to desserts, including cold meats all prepared according to Kosher traditions.


Al Pompiere situated in one of the historical buildings of the jewish district this restaurant, one of the older of the area, serves local roman and jewish cuisine in a very suggestive atmosphere


La Reginella
Jewish-Roman tradition revisited in a modern and gourmet key. The restaurant serves meat and seafood for fish lovers


TREVI FOUNTAIN (not that close but walking distance)

Trevi Fountain area is “a little bit” touristy but few steps away you can enjoy some great restaurants and trattoria loved by travelers and locals.


Colline Emiliane
A family runned restaurant, where you can enjoy fresh homemade pasta on a revisited a gourmet venue.


Ristorante Tullio
Family restaurant opened in 1950 and frequented by politicians, businessmen and artists.A great variety of excellent Italian seasonal specialties, seafood and a choice of grilled meats.


Piccolo Arancio
Located in a historical welcoming venue with a long-standing family tradition, the restaurant serves Roman food, revisiting the dishes and presenting them in a modern key.


Hostaria Romana
A local restaurant frequented daily by tourists and locals who want to enjoy a typical atmosphere and taste the traditional Roman cuisine.




Il Margutta
A vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Rome near the Spanish Steps, where to enjoy a real meal or just a snack at any time of the day.


Antica Enoteca
A great selection of Italian cheeses and cold meats in a 1700 building where to enjoy a glass of wine with an informal atmosphere.




Da Francesco
A home style restaurant, a typical Trattoria and pizzeria all in one! Very local!


La Montecarlo
No frill for this lovely pizza place where the style leaves the scepter to the quality of the pizza


Typical roman and local cuisine combined with an excellent selection of wines in one of the greatest location or Rome: the archaeological remains of Pompey’s theatre.


Homemade pasta and sweets. A selection of quality food still made with artisanal method by local producers in a modern atmosphere.




Osteria La Gensola
Haute cuisine in a warm environment, where it’s possible to enjoy a great selection of fresh seafood delivered daily from Ostia.


Ivo a Trastevere
Pizza, pasta and fried appetizers typical of the classic Roman cuisine. A traditional place in the heart of Trastevere.


Da Teo
Traditional Roman cuisine loved by Romans. The approach of the staff is between the abrupt gruff and the nice gruff…… very Italian style!


Da Enzo al 29
a roman landmark where to eat the traditional cuisine and to feel one of us


Romolo nel giardino della Fornarina
The restaurant is the place where Raphael fell in love with the beautiful Fornarina, muse of his paintings’. A romantic courtyard to enjoy a great meal in a very relaxing atmosphere where to taste fresh and seasonal dishes.




Spirito Divino
Certified as a slow food restaurant housed in what is said to be the original walls of the oldest synagogue in the world. A great selection of food and wines. It is possible to visit to the basement wine cellar where are stocked about 1.000 bottles.


High-class gastronomy in the heart of the Eternal City. The rich menu features only the freshest in seasonal seafood, fish and meat ingredients as well as vegetables and herbs. Its unique position permits the privilege of dining outdoors amidst a historic setting dating back to the Renaissance period.


Antica Pesa
An elegant setting in the heart of Trastevere, where guests may choose to enjoy their meals in the lovely terrace garden. From the tradition of Italian cuisine to a modern interpretation of international taste, this the concept of one of the most trendy restaurants of Rome.


The Hassler’s 6th floor panoramic Michelin starred restaurant in Rome with its unique view over the city is a full experience of fine dining where to savor The Chef’s dishes carefully prepared and presented, and his menus which vary according to the season.


A Michelin starred restaurant with a very intimate atmosphere ideal for everything from romantic dinners to private parties where to enjoy a menu of classic Italian dishes on a picturesque outdoor terrace offering an unparalleled Colosseum view.


Glass Hostaria
In the heart of Trastevere, a well-provided wine cellar and a lot of passion and study for a contemporary light cuisine are the main qualities of Glass.


Casa Coppelle
Situated in a small piazzetta near the Pantheon this restaurant combines the perfect association between refined Italian cuisine, the taste of Roman cuisine and the French culinary traditions where you can rediscover refined atmospheres and tastes and, at the same time, simple and familiar savors. Bread and homemade desserts, meat and fish dishes of the highest quality to be enjoyed in a place of irresistible charm.