Art and Food in Rome | Hidden Gems
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Hidden Gems


Places we visit:       Off the beaten paths itinerary
Duration of tour:      Starting from 3 hours
Type of Tour:            Customized


Many centuries after the decline  of the Roman Empire Rome was totally rebuilt thanks to the intervention of the Popes and their wealthy families and became once again one of the most beautiful cities of Europe.  Between 16th and 17th century every aristocratic family living in Rome contributed to the new expansion of the city through the creation of sumptuous palaces, leisure villas, monumental fountains,  churches and plazas .
The competition was high, so every family trying to be at the top on this never-ending contest, hired the best artists of Italy and Europe.

These stunning monuments still represent the glory  and the fame of the eternal city. Today  many of the palaces have been turned into Political and Public Administration Buildings, Embassies, Banks or Museums but they still show the elegance and magnificence of their glorious past.

Let’s walk through the city and feel like a Pope! Discover the city and its neighborhoods with your Expert Tour Guide ready to take you into the glory and the splendour of the Nobility of Rome during the Golden Age of  the Popes.