Art and Food in Rome | Ancient Ostia
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Ancient Ostia


Duration of tour:     4 hours (Private transfer and Walking Tour)
Dress Code:             Comfy shoes


Ancient Ostia lies 15 km from the city of Rome, for which it served as the city’s main port and harbor throughout antiquity. It is one of the main archaeological sites located in the outskirts of Rome.
Tradition says that Ostia was founded as a colony by Ancus Marcius, the 4th king of Rome, in the  7th century B.C. Ostia was also an important city for its strategic location in defense of the Tiber.
The importance of Ostia as a port city increased dramatically during the Roman Empire: the growth of Ostia into a major urban center begins at this time; at its height the population was 50,000-70,000 people. One of the most interesting areas in Ostia  are the Baths of Neptune which are very well kept with amazing mosaic floors still on site.

Ostia is in fact renowned for the excellent preservation of its ancient buildings, magnificent frescoes and impressive mosaics. The visit through the main streets, the political district, the private houses, the public tavern, the local baths will be just like a real blast from the past where you will be able to experience a typical day in the Roman time.
Just like in Pompeii but only 30 minutes driving from Rome you can enjoy an intense visit of a beautiful and well preserved Roman city.