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Snow in Rome

Snow in Rome

Snow in Rome, living in a fairy tale for one day

Winter for many people is strictly connected to frost and snow but for some others is simply the cold time of the year where you need to wear warmer clothes and drink an extra glass of wine red rather than white to heat it up a little bit.

This past February something special happened to Rome  and so on February 26th we all woke up under a blanket of snow! It was magic, unreal and most of all really exciting!

Since the night before we were all watching the weather forecasts and running to the window to check the weather outside. Around midnight our talks on social media  suddenly stopped… we were tired of waiting so we went to bed just like another day.

The next day we woke up in a fairy tale atmosphere, every single part of the city and the Roman countryside was completely covered in snow! Social media started to go crazy with messages and pictures posted by friends  from different areas of the city. I spent the night in the Roman countryside so I decided to stay and enjoy the sightseeing of Rome outskirts in snow and document the most through amazing pictures.

So what makes so exciting to get crazy for snow! Well this is a real unusual experience for Rome, it’s easy to drive to the north of Italy, to Milan area, Turin or maybe Venice and find the snow in winter time but in Rome is really a rare event which  transforms the city for a day into a fairy tale:  schools are closed so  children are delighted to play in the open air,  traffic is very little,  hardly anyone is able to get to work….. it’s a true moment of joy.

The uncharacteristic weather for the city stems from a massive cold front moving over Europe, dropping the temperature down throughout the country bringing as a consequence snow to Rome, the countryside and the coast.  Newspapers from all over the world spoke about  the chilly weather, which has been dubbed “the beast from the east,”  as the result of cold winds from Siberia sweeping across Europe.


Last time we got so much snow in Rome  was in 2012 so after 6 years we were all very happy to relive this unique experience!  One of my colleagues  wore his  snow clothes, he took his  skis and by tram he reached St Peter’s square to shoot some crazy pictures of him skiing in front of the most famous square of the world. It became viral in less than an hour!

We all spent the day just strolling and posting pictures in all social media. What a great experience we had!

Pictures remain today as a memory of that day, we will look at them again n few months and feel still the same emotion which made us feel  still like a child for a moment.

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