Art and Food in Rome | Genzano Flower Festival (l’Infiorata)
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Genzano Flower Festival (l’Infiorata)

Genzano Flower Festival (l’Infiorata)

The flower festival in genzano di Roma this year celebrates its 240th edition. The tradition of creating flower carpets dates back to the XVI century when during religious festivities local artists created beautiful decorations using flower petals, earth, and sometimes, beans or wood cuttings.

This beautiful tradition was most probably started by an Italian artist working for the Basilica of Saint Peter with the idea of emulate the beautiful mosaic art works of the biggest church in the world through flower petals.

In few years this new style involved many artists to organize similar exhibits including the famous gianlorenzo Bernini who most probably transferred the costume to the Roman countryside in the town of Genzano (about 19 miles out of Rome)making this lovely town still popular today for this exclusive flower festival.

The preparation of the event takes some time: every year a special team of experts in art history and botanic select a major theme from religion to art to display. Then very skilled designers represent the scenes on paper. Finally they prepare the cartoons to sit on the ground where a team of local people will display flower petals, earth, wood cutting creating amazing patterns with the brightest colors the nature can offer. It’s a feast in the feast! The people involved are really many and the entire city will live for few days a really special atmosphere.

About 350,000 flowers are used to color the paintings. Usually, 13 different frames are made along the way, each measuring 7 meters in width and 14 in length.

The preparation phase of the flowers is called “spelluccamento” and takes place in the days before the infiorata. The petals are detached from the corolla are kept in the municipal caves.


Finally the setting which will take several hours to fit every single frame and the official opening to public. The day of the festival genzano will be visited by thousands of people attracted by this incredible event.

Of course flowers won’t last too long so on Monday, the last day of the exhibition a priest will bless the Infiorata so the kids from the town will be free to run through flower carpets and enjoy the last part of the festival called “spallamento”.


Genzano will be the Queen City of the Roman countryside for the entire we. The next day the city will be removing the flowers from the ground and the locals will start planning the next year’s edition as per a very old tradition.

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