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Biscotti di Natale

Biscotti di Natale

Christmas time is a big celebration all over the world. In some places it is still a religious event when in many other countries it’s all about shopping for presents and a lot of food to buy and eat together. But Christmas remains in most people’s hearts the celebration of childhood when you wait  all night long for Santa Claus bringing  the presents to your house and the next morning you wake up full of emotion and curiosity.
For me Christmas time is also baking with my granny.

This great passion I share with my grandmother since I was a little girl is still one of my major hobbies and  today it’s also part of my profession.


Since my early years I used to watch my grandma  baking a lot of delicious sweets but in her  last few years I was the one baking, following her recipes and she used to look at me very proud but never forgetting to give her suggestions  if I wasn’t doing right.


So every Christmas I bake “Biscotti di Natale” or Christmas cookies if you prefer, still following the secret tips of family traditions and still feeling like my granny is still around. I miss her so much!!!

In Us Biscotti means a typical kind of Italian cookies made with almonds. In Italy the word “Biscotti” means all kind of cookies and biscuits.

So Biscotti di Natale are a tradition for many Italian families , we all keep  old recipes passed down from mother to daughter but in my personal case I love to share my recipes with my friends and get new ideas from them.

The Biscotti day is never a lonely moment but has became in the last few years another way to keep alive traditions with very good friends.

Lot of ingredients are necessary to bake a large selection of biscuits and of course not every shop will be equal so few days before baking I usually go to local suppliers to buy all the necessary.

Nuts and dry fruits are provided by a good friend of my husband who sells the best selection of these products in a very tiny but well refurbished shop in Rome downtown area.

The flour comes from a local mill still produced on a traditional way to avoid the use of industrial products low on quality.

Eggs are another important ingredient which I usually buy from a local farmer who sells just chicken and eggs.
Well few more ingredients and my shopping is done!

Now I’m ready for baking!

For two or maybe three days  I will bake 5/6 different kind of biscotti with friends and friends children and finally the last day we will all enjoy the  final decoration.

My personal selection of Christmas Cookies is made of old family’s recipes, friend’s recipes and a Sweden tradition today  very popular also  here in Italy: Gingerbread men.

The common ingredients for most of these biscotti are of course dry fruits such as nuts, almonds and raisin. Honey it’s another very typical ingredient for Christmas cookies, just like red wine or local Italian sweet wine called “Vinsanto”.

Many  of these biscotti famous as a Christmas tradition are available all year around in many different regions of Italy as local products and are usually served after a meal or just as an evening snack with a good glass of Italian Wine.

My Biscotti will be then wrapped in small bags and donated to friends and family as a very appreciated Christmas Present.



Buon Natale!!! 

Merry Christmas!!!

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