Art and Food in Rome | Welcome to Art & Food in Rome. We are Ale and Sab!
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Welcome to Art & Food in Rome. We are Ale and Sab!

Hi Nice to meet you!  We are  Ale and Sab, husband and wife for 15 years, companions for life and adventure!

Our passion for traveling, art,  great food and good wines, cooking with friends, brought us to share lot of fun and enjoyable experiences, so so we decided to combine our jobs and interests to work together.

Traveling through  Italy and abroad for fun and work for many years, we realized that the best way to visit a country is to merge with the people, discover habits and traditions of the locals trying to live a more personal experience and not to be just a simple visitor.

That’s what we want to do: we want to show you Rome and the surroundings through the eyes of a local and make you feel as a real Italian during your vacation. We have a deep love for Italian traditions that we combine with our professionalism and expertise on the travel business to plan the best vacation for you in Rome and  Italy. 

With a  team of professionals and experts, colleagues and family, we want to ensure you a memorable journey.

Come and join us for a different vacation!
Welcome to  Art & Food in Rome !