Art and Food in Rome | Sab Food and Fun
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Sab Food and Fun

My name is Sabatino, but all my friends call me Sab.

I was born in Rome and  I grew up in the country just outside Rome,  surrounded by incredible landscapes and beautiful vineyards.

I always had  a great passion for food and good wines so 15 years ago I decided to study to get my Diploma as Official Sommelier in one of the most exclusive schools of Italy (AIS).

I worked part time as a professional sommelier then I decided to improve my cooking skills in a professional cooking school  to get a  Culinary Degree and I started my cooking experience, combining food and wine selection.

With my wife Ale, we love to cook together, invite friends for dinner but most of all we love  to  organize professional cooking classes for tourists.
During our cooking classes I love to share the secrets of Italian cuisine, the tips to make it easier and accessible, and  taste good wines with the delicacies we prepare together.

So come to meet us, I’m pretty sure we are going to have a great time together!!! 

Buon Appetito!!