Art and Food in Rome | Mariella Tour Guide
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Mariella Tour Guide

My name is Mariella and I am an Official  Tour Guide of Rome and Province.
I always loved studying foreign languages so  I graduated at Rome University in Foreign Languages and Literature, Russian and English. During my university studies, I spent a year in Moscow to perfect the Russian language and to get to know the culture of this country better, I also made several study trips to St. Petersburg, Kiev, London and Boston. After university, I specialized in Roman History, Art and Architecture.
I have worked in tourism for over twenty years,  first as  tour leader for Italian groups in Russia and for Russian groups in Italy, then organizing  meetings and events for important Italian companies and I also  worked as an interpreter.

In  1998  I  obtained  my license as an Official Tour  guide of Rome and today I still work as professional guide of Rome and Province.
My very unique job allows me to cultivate the passion for foreign languages, my curiosity for different cultures that I discover every day through new guests,  with my deep desire to show all my new friend visitors the beauty and the splendor of my hometown: Rome.