Art and Food in Rome | Alessandra Tour Guide
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Alessandra Tour Guide

My name is Alessandra,  I’m the founder of Art & Food in Rome. 

I’m an Official Licenced Tour Guide of Rome and its province and my city is my open-air office.

I have a Degree in Art History and a BAA in Tourism and Hospitality Management. I’ve been working in tourism covering different roles for the past 25 years,  for about 10 years abroad and the rest in my amazing country. Since 2010 I am a Licensed Tour Guide in Rome and I love to share the history and art of my city with friends and visitors who come from all over the world to admire the beauty of this astonishing place.

One of my greatest passions is cooking. I have worked as a professional in restaurants and food business for years and  I have a Diploma in Pastry and Bakery.

With my husband Sab, we love to cook together, invite friends for dinner but most of all we enjoy to organize professional cooking classes for tourists and visitors.

To live in Rome is a privilege, to guide friends and visitors through Art & Food in Rome is a great honor. 

Benvenuti a Roma!